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Maintenance is a vital part of your rental property investment and the average handyman / tradesman will not have the knowledge, skill or experience required to be most effective in the rental property maintenance industry.

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29 years experience in most  construction trades, including plumbing, electrical, general carpentry, metal stud and wood framing, tenant improvement, "T" bar ceilings, metal fabrication, welding and drywall.

With 3 plus years in the apartment maintenance field; two of those years as a supervisor covering HVAC repair, pool, spa care and equipment maintenance and repair, appliance repair, locksmith and landscape sprinkler systems with an additional two years as a hotel Engineer Supervisor.

12 years working as a sales rep in the maintenance supply industry working with apartments, hotels and motels  including several government housing facilities.

4 years working with septic, domestic water well and pump house systems.  

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